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Flee Treatment

Trica ReynaTrica Reyna JacknsonvilleMember Posts: 280
edited 23 June, 2009 in Cat Health
I've been Using Front Line for about six months and it's not working, as soon as I think they are gone Milo starts licking himself and chewing more than I spot the flee(s). He gets treated every month with front line as well as Libby and it's not working. I even put front line two weeks on between treatments (split the tube with them) and it still didn't work. Milo having these flees are a big reason on why he gets so sick and I can't rid him of them. I have also Tried Advantage flee treatment for cats as well, that also didn't work. They both do get a flee bath but haven't had one in about two months, How often should I do this? I need these flees gone so I can get Milo back to good health. what are some good brands of flee treatment that have worked that are good for Cats? Milo is really sensitive when it comes to new things, he most likely will get sick from anything new, Libby on the other hand can handle anything. Thank You


  • Amber SimmonAmber Simmon Member Posts: 2,703
    edited 29 December, 2008
    we're having the same problem!! our vet keeps saying we're putting the frontline on wrong, so we told her to put it on and everyone still has fleas! and what's weird, after the dosage it looks like they have MORE fleas than before!
  • Trica ReynaTrica Reyna JacknsonvilleMember Posts: 280
    edited 29 December, 2008
    It must be the flee treatment. Front line has never worked for the cats (i know I'm putting it on right, it's not hard to squeeze it on the back of the neck so I'm glad you told the vet to do it to prove to them it didn't work). I put a flee collar on Libby since she's doesn't get sick from anything that I know of. I've just been wasting money on this flee medication and it doesn't even work. erg. I'm going to give Milo a bath later today or wait until the weather is warmer. Than go up to the vet and try another medication no more Front line and advantage or advantax, I can't remember out of these two, what one i used.
  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
    edited 29 December, 2008
    Have you all treated the environment? In order for flea treatments to be effective you have to treat the environment as well. Fleas live in carpets and upholstery and bedding. We had this problem one time too, but after mom treated the environment we were flea free. Mom used three different flea bombs because the first two were completely ineffective. She took me to the vet to be dipped and then she used a flea powder on ALL upolstered surfaces, on ALL sides! including her bed and sofa. All carpeting and your bedding has to be treated as well. Sometimes flea treatments dont work for all cats. Ask you vet about this. But please also treat the environment.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 29 December, 2008
    AdavanTIX is for dogs only. DO NOT use on cats!!! If you have been using Frontline for a while then youneed to change to Advantage. The fleas in your wenvirionment have most likely becvome resistant ot the Frontline. Try alternating every few months between teh two products. Flea collars are trash. They only work in your vacuum bag...cut up. They only kill the fleas that are near the collar itself (if that) and many times can make a cat sick. You need to treat your environment. First, vacuum everything and everywhere. No joke, in closets, under beds and couches. Anywhere the cats can and do lay or walk. Then take the contents of the vacuum outside and dispose of them in a sealed trash can. You'll need to spray the house, do not bomb it. the flera bombs go up and then fall right down, they do not get into corners or other "hidden" areas of the house. Try Siphotrol Area treatment Spray (It may be Premise spray now as their names has changed). You can leave the cats in the house but they must stay in a room you are not spraying. Once the area is dry (about 20min) they can go back into the area again. Be sure to repeat the ENTIRE process in 2 weeks or you will see an emergence of fleas once again.
  • Trica ReynaTrica Reyna JacknsonvilleMember Posts: 280
    edited 29 December, 2008
    I'm pretty sure I used advantage on the pets, the vet wouldn't sell me a dog medication. I have treated the house as well. I can't buy those flee bomb things, it would most likely make Milo sick. I bought some flee spray in pet smart in the past and I've been using it. I just ran out actually. I sprayed the carpets with it, the bed everywhere. I even bought some carpet powder that was suppose to kill the flees. I used that twice. I do have a stray cat that comes around, he's been treated for flees I have put the front line on him it seemed to work and I even put a flee collar on him and he has grown back all his hair since than. I wish I would have remember what brand I got him, I'll search pet smart. The flees may be coming back around because of him but who knows Cause I treat him for flees all the time as well, sometimes even more. Advantage didn't work on the Cats so I wont try that again I'm going to have to try something else the vet has. My sister was telling me they have a pill that will kill the flees, but it only works for about a day and they still need to be treated. It's not that much she said they have it for cats. But I'm still worried milo will get sick from something else. I'm going to do it the old fashion way for now, bath him and brush through his hair every couple hours. I'm also going to call the apartment tomorrow and have them spray around the doors again.
  • Sherry StoneSherry Stone Member Posts: 526
    edited 30 December, 2008
    Use 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar to 1 liter of water for their drinking water. If they won't touch it, start out with less, then work your way up to the full amount. The fleas don't like the "taste" of the animal. Also, try confining kitty, and put salt all over the carpets, leave for the night, then vacuum everything up in the morning. Make sure to toss the bag as soon as you're done. Also, comb all animals with a flea comb.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 30 December, 2008
    Ok, here's what you do: When you next go to the pet store get a spray called "Zodiac with PreCor". The latter is a hatch retardant that prevents flea eggs from hatching. Then pack up all your animals, and spray all the carpets and upholstery. Yes, this means the couch (pillows and all) and any heavy curtains. Everyone must leave the house for at least 3 hours, and then you need to come back and vacuum everything up before returning your pet in the environment. Meanwhile, you want to dose your cats and dogs with Capstar, it's a one time pill that kills all the fleas on your pets within about half an hour or so. I bet that's what your sister was talking about, and a vet can prescribe them. Also, you might want to launder everything that's a washable fabric, especially pet bedding. When I had my flea infestation caused by fleas that probably hitched a ride on the super's shoes and then moved into the carpets, that's what mom had to do. All in all she spent about 24 hours cleaning carpets, administering treatments, and doing a mountain of laundry. She was told that maybe she went a little overboard, but she believes that with any parasitic infestation, you either tackle everything, or you end up not getting rid of the pests in question. Also, I don't know your housing complex or anything, but I can guarantee you that the bug treatment that our complex does monthly in and around our front door is not one that includes flea protection. That's why they bomb each apartment before a new tenant moves in and strongly suggest that pets in the premises should be on a flea preventive nearly year round, because of where we live (around here it's flea season close to year round). We use Revolution, which has been extremely effective for us after we treated the carpets. As a bonus, it also prevents ear mites, ticks, and heartworm infestations, and given that my kitten sister is prone to ear infections, we can't recommend it enough.
  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
    edited 30 December, 2008
    When mom bombed our house for fleas, she boarded me at the vet for the day. I was not in the house at all until mom wiped everything down!
  • Lisa HarbourLisa Harbour Member Posts: 2
    edited 23 June, 2009
    Flees irriate me soooo bad that I pull the hair out of my tail causing it to bleed and mommy has to put a bandage on the tip of my already white tail. Today she went to the pet store to see it they could recommend something and they recommended something called Capstar. Mommy had soooo much fun trying to get me and my two sisters to swallow the pill. Mommy thinks Bandit spit hers across the room but she cant find it any where. This pill is to repeal the flees and it starts within thirty minutes and its safe to give daily if needed, but one dose is suppose to be all you need. Mommy has comb all three of us and she is noticing that there are either no flees on some of us or very few. I hope it works so mommy can take the bandage off my tail. I think I look very funny with it on.
  • Lacey KingstonLacey Kingston WilmingtonMember Posts: 7,527
    edited 23 June, 2009
    Frontline doesn't work in our area. We use Revolution instead.
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