My cat hates my roomate with a passion!

michele guerreromichele guerrero Member Posts: 162
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Sasha is not the nicest cat, I will admit. But never has she disliked a person as much as she does my roomate! My male friend moved in my apartment almost 2 months ago. I thought by now she would like him, but she seems to dislike him more and more with each day. Within the past half hour I have witnessed her hiss at him twice and swing her paw at him 4 times. and he didnt do anything but simply walk by her. She hisses at him and bats at him often. She gives him menacing looks and runs away a lot when he comes near. But yet other times she will go up to him and rub herself against his leg. She will take treats from his hand, and she will play with her toys with him sometimes. He sometimes will feed her or change her water to show her that he is not a threat. But nothing seems to work. One minute she rubs up against him, she even on a very rare occasion has let him pet her head. But then other times she hisses at him, bats him, backs away from him and puffs out her hair as if he is a threat to her when he isnt even doing anything. The weird thing is that Sasha normally takes to my male friends or ex's better when they have come over than she does female friends or relatives who come over. Other male friends and boyfriends who have been over she hasnt necessarily taken nicely to them as in letting them pet her or such, but she seems to tolerate them and has never hissed at them or batted at them. I dont understand what it could be about him that gives her such disdain. Maybe she doesnt like his personal body scent or something? I dont know. Anyone have any ideas on why she may not like him and what I can do to help her accept him? Or maybe it is because he lives here now, he is here al the time and she feels threatened by that, she doesnt want anyone living here with us?


  • Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
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    Is Sasha pretty territorial and posessive of you? I wonder if she is trying to say that you are HERS and how dare this intruder stick around in HER space? Is she nicer to him when you are not around? Isabelle does this to my husband - is civil when I\'m not home, but as soon as I walk in, she wants nothing to do with him. My sister has a cat who will do the leg-rub thing, but we all know that you _DO NOT_ touch that cat! She is evil in disguise to everyone but my sister. That\'s just how she is. :?
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    My cat is the same way. He absolutely hates being touched, or being around anyone besides myself. Thats just the way hes been his whole life, don't know what else to tell you. He will make threatening noises when he doesn't want to be bothered with or he will usually run away and hide....Thats with most people....however...when my little cousin comes around, he goes absolutely psycho, hissing and trying to claw her.. he just absolutely hates that little girl for no reason at all. So what we tried to do was use the "ignore the possessed kitty method" other words I told my cousin to just pay absolutely no attention to the cat what-so-ever. Not to touch him, or even look at him. And so far, its gotten better. He no longer hisses at her, thought I doubt it will ever get to the point that he will willingly let her hold him :)) Another thing I noticed was that he took on to my boyfriend AMAZINGLY well. Usually when Im laying down in bed, I call the cat and he'll come and lay on my belly to be petted. He only does this with me, until recently. My boyfriend and I were laying down watching TV one day and I call the cat over, and he goes and lays on my boyfriend instead of me..purring like there's no tomorrow, and waiting to be loved. I was absolutely astonished because I had never seen him do this before to anyone else, not even my parents who hes lived with since he was a kitten. My Theory is that maybe my scent was on my boyfriend, so he mistakenly thought it was me, or that it was okay? Maybe it'll work for your roommate. Have him wear a T-shirt of yours or something along those lines and then let the cat smell him and see what happens. :-k If anything it'll make a funny story. :)) Good luck :-h
  • michele guerreromichele guerrero Member Posts: 162
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    she does sometimes hiss and bat at him even when I am not home. But for the most part my roomate says when I am not there she pretty much just stays away from him and hangs out in the opposite room. She will sit on top of his clothes sometimes. She was sitting on top of his sweater the other day. yet when he walks near, she hisses. My friend Drew she took to immediately. The first time he ever came over she went right up to him and smelled his hand and immediately let him pet her head. She let him pet her not only once, but several times. I was amazed! He is the only person besides me she has taken to that well. I told him it is because he always smells good, she probably likes his cologne like I do, lol
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