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Brian ShepardsonBrian Shepardson SyracuseMember Posts: 4
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Hey all, I was just wondering if the Patchouli plant is toxic or harmful to us kittys if we chew on the leaves. My papa is hoping to raise one indoors over the harsh winter months. If I snatch a bite, will I be ok? :-k


  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 6 January, 2009
    Here is a list of toxic plants. :):):):D:D:D:D:):):)
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Patchouli oil is an essential oil, which means it\'s used as a base for other scents or can be used on it\'s own. To extract the oil, the plant is partially dried, which ferments the oil somewhat and allows the greatest amount to be distilled. Patchouli is used as an anti-depressant, an aphrodesiac, and as a sedative among other things. I\'m not sure I\'d want my cat chewing on anything like that Most essential oils are poisonous to kitties and I would think the plant would be also. Some sites say yes, it is andothers say it\'s not proven to be. Still wouldn\'t take a chance, especially if kitty likes to gnaw on plant leaves. If Daddy wants to grow plants indoors, have him buy some cat grass-wheatgrass seeds, barley, rye, catnip, etc. and once they grow, you can eat them to your heart\'s content with no worried.
  • JL GrummerJL Grummer Member Posts: 24
    edited 10 January, 2009
    Keep the patholli plant away from the cat. Cats usually won't go near that plant but if yours does..Keep the plant in a room that your cat doesn't go into or that is closed off from the animal. I have seen the effects of the patiolli plant on a cat. It isn't a pretty site. I recently saw oat grass type chiapet in the drug store late december. That is cat safe.
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