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Fortunately I have a friend who is not afraid to clip Marshall's claws so it at least cut back on injury but this has not stopped the pawing. He gets in bed with me and starts pawing me around 4am every morning. I don't wanna shut him out but I can't get any sleep because of it. He doesn't just paw nicely, he basically slaps me in the face furiously over and over. Almost as if to purposely wake me up. If I turn over, he gets up and walks to my other side and continues. I can't take much more! Anyone else have similar experiences or advice?


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    Hmmm... I've not had any cat do this, but when my cats persistently try to wake me they meet "the can". The can is an aluminum can filled with enough pennies to make a harsh jingly noise. You tape up the top, and then shake it when your kitty is being bad. Do this every single time, so that he associates the action with this unpleasant result. This "cured" Boris out of trying to attack "bed mice" (i.e., attacking my toes while I was trying to sleep). Good luck.
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    Bumpurr did this, then progressed to pulling my hair with his teeth. He is on scheduled feedings, he is not free fed. He did this because he was hungry, and wanted his mommy to get up and feed him. He is fed at 6am, during the week, and doesn't let me sleep much more than that, on the weekend. I got him to "last" until 6am, by giving him a feeding, just before I went to bed, and giving him a little extra. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Good point, Bumpurr. I will add that my cats are fed by automatic feeder at 7 AM, and again at night at 7 PM. Boris sometimes wakes me because he needs me to watch him eat (he's always been weird about food, being petted while he eats is the latest manifestation of his food insecurities), but basically my two don't really bug me for food, it's almost always for attention. That's why the jingly can is effective: they don't get the kind of attention they want out of it. If you don't have an automatic feeder, I would recommend one, it's helpful insofar as your cat stops associating you with being "the food provider". An automatic feeder also doesn't give in to being bugged at 4 AM and gets up to provide unscheduled feedings (i.e. exacerbating the problem). ;)
  • Head Scratch -Head Scratch - CheshireMember Posts: 44
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    Marshall, sorry do not have any good advice to add,but recommend having a look at this short animation: as it may seem all too familar.
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