Training a Feisty Kitten

Sara KangSara Kang Member Posts: 403
edited 19 January, 2009 in Behavior & Training
Hi Catsters, I have two new foster kittens as of yesterday. When I met the first one, a Siamese lynx point, he was very friendly. So friendly, he kept pawing at me (claws exposed), rubbing up against me, purring, grabbing onto my legs, and trying to eat my toes. This is before I even attempted to play with him-- it was the first time I'd met him! Needless to say, he's a super friendly, feisty little kitten. Maybe its the Meezer in him! haha Anyways, if anyone has pointers on how to redirect or train him a bit so he isn't using his claws as much, I'd appreciate it. I don't want to use a spray water bottle or scare him, I just want him to stop nibbling and clawing at me for attention. I only have the fosters for about a week, but with this behavior, he may end up with me for awhile longer despite his beautiful coat and friendliness which won't be bad, but I want him to be adoptable:) Thanks, Tabifa and Milo's meowm Meanwhile, his brother is the ultimate sweet lap kitten. He is soft, and has some Meezer in him too but is orange and white like a Creamsicle. hehe


  • Lily PlantLily Plant Member Posts: 11
    edited 18 January, 2009
    When he nibbles are scratches at you for atention, don't give him any atention, don't even look at him. When he stops, give him atention, pick him up, pet him, and/or give him a treat. Hope this helps!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 19 January, 2009
    And just like a little hoomin kid, when he\'s being good, reward the little guy! Give him cuddles and ear scratches and kind words.
  • Thea PowellThea Powell Member Posts: 852
    edited 19 January, 2009
    Yup!! Ignore when "bad", praise when good. Be CONSISTNAT!!! This is what mommy did with my and after 2.5 years and tons of advice from catsters I am finally manageable. But I've started to bite when playing so mom immediatly ignores me. I am not biting too hard and less often (I only started biting this weekend). :-h
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 19 January, 2009
    Boris and Gracie's mom also hisses at them when they misbehave. That's what Mama Kitty does. Makes you look like "The Bride of Dracula", but it does get the point across to junior!
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