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Not sure where to put this...

Tiffany MorrisTiffany Morris Melbourne, FLMember Posts: 61
edited 19 January, 2009 in Behavior & Training
I don\'t think this is in the right place but I am desperate to get fur off my Mom\'s comforter. Not going on the bed is NOT an option. Anyone have any advice?


  • Lissa NicholsonLissa Nicholson SydneyMember Posts: 1,562
    edited 17 January, 2009
    Have you tried one of those sticky lint rolls? I find them useful in getting Suey's fur off clothes (she loves sleeping on clothing).
  • Tiffany MorrisTiffany Morris Melbourne, FLMember Posts: 61
    edited 17 January, 2009
    Yes but it takes nearly a quarter of the roll to get even half the hair off. Its a black comforter and I regret buying it now. I've tried the dryer and it helps a bit but I wish there was a better way.
  • Tara WTara W St. PaulMember Posts: 939
    edited 18 January, 2009
    I've had luck with a plain pair of household rubber gloves. If they're just slightly damp you can swipe your hand across the fabric and the fur will stick. The fur will rinse off, but you might not want a lot of fur going down the drain. You can wipe the fur off on a slightly damp towel and shake the towel outside or pick off the fur and throw it away.
  • Anastasia OBrienAnastasia OBrien Member Posts: 15
    edited 18 January, 2009
    They have lint brushes that look like brushes - they don't have sticky stuff on them - it actually looks like fabric but if you brush it a certain way, it removes all of the hair/fur - I forget the name of it...I got it at WalMart and I use it to clean my comforter, pillow cases, couches, etc. You have to keep peeling the fur off of the brush once it gets too much on it but it's the kind of thing that you can clean over & over and never have to replace.
  • Maggie BradshawMaggie Bradshaw Member Posts: 506
    edited 18 January, 2009
    I know what your talking baout sylvester!! We have one that looks like a glove! it has like a red cloth carpety kind of fabric on it. you put it on your hand and it looks like an oven mit. We use it on all our chairs and upolstry before company comes. its wonderful! we jsut throw the hair away. it works so well. I think they sell it at big pet stores.
  • Kerri ZimmermanKerri Zimmerman WinnipegMember Posts: 448
    edited 18 January, 2009
    I could not live without one of those reusable brushes :)) I have two long haired black cats and they shed so much. And most of my bed sheets are light in color. I also use it on my furniture when company is coming :D
  • Thea PowellThea Powell Member Posts: 852
    edited 19 January, 2009
    Regular Brushing helps - but not totally. And if your like us totally not do able. I have resorted to a blanket over my comforter that gets washed onece a week or a damp rag, that's the cheapest and best 'cause the hair comes off in clumps and is easy to remove. Otherwise Shed on!!!!:-h
  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
    edited 19 January, 2009
    Just a thought.... What about buying a duvet cover to put the comforter in.... then when you have company you can take it off? Those lint brushes are great, when you can find them:)) Mom has lost hers somewhere.....MOL Something else that mom has found works well is masking tape.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 19 January, 2009
    I have Delilah, who is a long-haired black cat. She leaves fur everywhere and there are times when I startle when I see it because it looks like a big spider. :-O I brush and comb her at least once a day and that cuts down on the shedding a lot! You can also try professional groooming once a year or so. I also bought a little Shop Vac that is fantastic at getting the fur up. It cost about $30 and has paid for itself many times over!
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