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Indroducing Two cats

Paige CampbellPaige Campbell NanaimoMember Posts: 40
edited 28 January, 2009 in Behavior & Training
I\'ve been wanting to get another cat and all the sites I look at say to give the new cat a safe room. My house doesn\'t have a room in it that my current cat won\'t feel territorial about. Can anybody give me advice?


  • C BC B PickeringMember Posts: 16
    edited 28 January, 2009
    I was told the same thing when I worked at the O.S.P.C.A. I wanted to adopt a cat from there & eventially did after fostering her for a whole. Like you, i really didn\'t have much in the way of a safe room. I only have a basement appartment. To add to the concern... i had no idea if my existing cat (Reid) was even going to ever accept another cat. She was skittish with people & hid anytime there were visitors. I figured if I was ever going to have a change of getting a second cat, it would be now while reid was still young (year old). Actually, I figured my best case scenerio was that they wouldn\'t fight all the time. I started by fostering Izzy. I figured at least that way if the cats did not get along or my husbands allergies couldn\'t tolerate a second cat, i hadn\'t committed to her. Well i brought her home figuring i\'d introduce her to the dog right away because they would have to occupy the same areas from the start... that was no problem. Neither of them were to interested in the other. Dog checked her out & walked away. For the 2 nights I used the dog crate for Izzy (she lived in a cage for a long time at the OSPCA so this was not a big deal). This gave Reid the chance to still wonder around and investigate the crate on her rotation. Then I\'d look reid in my bedroom while I let Izzy out to get familiar with her new stomping grounds for a few hours. On the third evening of this practice both cats were meowing on either side of the bedrom door . They wouldn\'t give up. I was sure I couldn\'t just let them have direct contact so I opened the door about maybe about an inch and a half. There was a couple of paws slipped through curiously and then they were sniffing each other through the door. It was like a little verticle dance. Then Izzy kept trying to push the door open. Since Reid (usually very skittish) didn\'t seem the least bit concerned by this... i let the door open. They have been buddies ever since. I think they\'ve only had a few momentary hissy fits. They play a lot together. It\'s actually been the best thing for Reid. She\'s actually becoming more confident. It\'s amazing since she\'s been skittish from when I met her at 6 weeks. Maybe you would have a better chance if you got a cat with Izzy\'s personality. She\'s very laid back. She doesn\'t spook & she\'s a clown. I would say she\'s kind of immature but, funny as hell. She just loves life and everything in it. Izzy was 2 when I fostered her so i don\'t believe she will out grow her kitten like view of the world. At least I really hope not. If she was a serious cat maybe her and Reid would not have hit it off like they were life long friends. I\'m also sure all that extra exercise (playing) is great for both of them. Hope this helps in some way. Good luck.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 28 January, 2009
    Try pasting this into your browser. This is the best article I've ever read on introducing cats to each other!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 28 January, 2009
    Try pasting this into your browser. This is the best article I've ever read on introducing cats to each other!
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