Please help me help my kitty

Cynthia SprockCynthia Sprock YelmMember Posts: 24
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After a recent visit from my in-laws (with their insane dog), my kitty is now peeing on all of our pillows/blankets. I've taken her to the Vet several times to see if it was an infection and it is not. Her Vet feels that it is a direct result from my visiting in-laws dog! That darn thing would not leave poor Mimi alone the entire time they were here (1 week). Mimi is having bladder spasms from the stress. My question is how can I help her get through this and not develope the bad habit of peeing on things. All visitor dogs are now banned from our house. My Mimi never had any problems in the past with dogs until now.


  • emma clarkeemma clarke Nottingham Robin Hood CountryMember Posts: 6,819
    edited 30 January, 2009
    You could try a Feliway diffuser, maybe that would help Mimi to relax a little.
  • Cynthia SprockCynthia Sprock YelmMember Posts: 24
    edited 31 January, 2009
    what is a feliway diffuser? I'll do want ever it takes to help her.
  • Claire AllanClaire Allan Glendale, AZMember Posts: 2
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    The Feliway diffusers are a plug in unit that you attach a bottle of liquid to, like the plug in air fresheners. The liquid is a cat pheremone that helps the cat to calm down and feel safe. (You can get it online or at the Petco or Petsmart stores, they call it Comfort Zone and one diffuser and refill is about $28.00) My cat Charlie became very distraught when I made him come inside permanently because he was acting strangely. He started to spray everywhere and my house stunk. He was also pacing from room to room howling and tearing all my net curtains off the windows). I had him checked medically and everything was O.K so we put him on Amitriptyline. We had to play with the dosage and settled with 5mg twice daily. I put Feliway diffusers in all the problem rooms, bedrooms, living room and my office. He is now much calmer, plays nicely with his brother and sisters and is a happier cat in general. Plus I\'m no longer afraid to come home and smell my house or see what he has destroyed !!!! :c9
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    You can also ask your vet for a temporary anti-anxiety medication for her. There are many in dosages appropriate for cats and I\'ve heard that they really work.
  • Stephanie DejanStephanie Dejan Des PlainesMember Posts: 4,239
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    Lots and lots of attention, quiet and soothing. You might also try putting a food dish on your bed for awhile, near the spots she is peeing. Most cats don't like to do their business near food. Shut her out of the bedroom during the day (easier said than done, I know), and make sure she has a happy place to spend the day. In the meantime, put a vinyl mattress protector on your mattress, and a shower curtain liner on the bed. Take the pillows off and stand them in a corner somewhere or put them in the closet. At least while the problem is going on you won't have to change the sheets every day or replace pillows. I'm an expert bed-wetter and my mom has tried everything. For me it's not linked to a single event, I'm just a very timid cat who gets some kind of reassurance from this activity. These are methods Mom has used to save her own sanity. Hopefully your problem is short-term until you get over the stress.
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