Do your kitties know when you\'re sick?

Karina GressKarina Gress Member Posts: 402
edited 14 February, 2009 in Behavior & Training
I've been home sick for the past few days with a nasty cold and sinus infection. It seems like my boys always know when I'm sick--They won't let me out of their sight, they let me sleep in even if breakfast is late, and will sit next to me, but not on me, so I have my space to cough. My Louie meows like crazy when I cough or blow my nose, and Henry has been giving me lots of kisses on my hand. Howie is always within 10 inches of me, and when I move, so does he. When I left for work today, they all stood by the front door, watching me leave and looking a little worried. Does anyone else notice their kitties get especially attentive when you're sick? Or is it just they're happy you're home more?


  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
    edited 30 January, 2009
    when im feeling upset, tiny is right there. she wil lay down next to me a purr and chirp. pets know when your down/sick for sure!
  • Tara WTara W St. PaulMember Posts: 939
    edited 30 January, 2009
    Definitely! About a year and a half ago I had a case of food poisoning that left me with a fever and nauseous for about a week. (Believe me, I and everyone I know will never go to that restaurant again.) Khina was right there on the bed with me. She let me sleep which was totally unlike her. She only very softly touched me when it was getting well past her mealtimes. Just a little angel of sweetness.
  • Lissa NicholsonLissa Nicholson SydneyMember Posts: 1,562
    edited 31 January, 2009
    Absolutely. They are so sweet and intuitive. My fiance was deployed earlier this week, and Fui didn't leave my side for the first two days. They're always there when I go to sleep, and they're there when I wake up. My two aren't the cuddliest of cats, but they've been letting me snuggle with them for hours. They're wonderful souls.
  • MaynrysMaynrys Member Posts: 172
    edited 1 February, 2009
    Snowflake is a very empathetic cat. She stayed with me almost every moment of the day when I was very ill a few years ago If I become upset, she rubs her head on me and tries to get me to pet her. Maybe she has read the research that it lowers blood pressure :)). Maynrys is very motherly and will sass little humans when they act out. She also cries a plaintiff mew when people aren't well. She doesn't try to take care of me, but Snowflake is dominate and might keep Maynrys at bay with her mere presence. Snowflake has claimed me as her own and can be possessive.
  • Maggie BradshawMaggie Bradshaw Member Posts: 506
    edited 1 February, 2009
    for sure!! I've actually been in all weekend with a pretty nasty cold and Phil AND squeeky slept with me in bed all day today! Squeeky has her own way to be supportive, which is sleeping as far away as possible from me in the bed, but she was there none the less. Phil was right up snuggled into my chest the whole time. he also was sitting in my lap the whole time i was playing some video games. the two kitties also didn't fight all day, which is pretty impressive. Phi is very sweet and intuitive and definitely can tell whem I'm sick, he just turned into the sweetest purring mushball.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 1 February, 2009
    Some of them are better at it than others. Boris is very nervous, so he goes into his "Oh no!" mode and hides from me if I'm sick (he's extremely lovable the rest of the time, mind you, he just does not deal well with stressful events). But as soon as he can tell I am feeling better he does head bump me, as if to say "Hey! Mommy's better!" Gracie, who usually only wants affection on her own terms, is more of the nurse kitten type. She will snuggle with you on the bed, which she never does, and she will climb on you and lick your face, and look at you as if to say "Mommy, I will make you all better, don't worry."
  • Gina GroneGina Grone Beatrice, NebraskaMember Posts: 217
    edited 1 February, 2009
    I always know when Mom\'s upset. I try to make her feel better by rolling over on my back and giving her \"that look\" that makes her laugh. Then she pets me and we both feel better. My brother Milo will sleep cheek-to-cheek with Mom when she\'s sad, too. When Mom is sick we stay close by but don\'t jump on her, etc., like usual.
  • Stephanie DejanStephanie Dejan Des PlainesMember Posts: 4,239
    edited 2 February, 2009
    When I was a kid I had a cat who would lie on my stomach when I had an upset tum. He was the exception. I\'ve always had this romantic notion of empathetic pets - dogs that would lay their heads on your lap when you\'re upset, cats that would come and softly meow and purr, no one being too demanding. Pah. They\'re totally oblivious. The only thing they notice is that I\'m around and they can get more out of me. Or that I\'m lying down and the dog can get me to jump up and down like a pogo stick with his in/out/in/out behavior. The only thing they\'re all really good about is letting me sleep. Otherwise, empathy schmenthapy. Pfft.
  • Paige CampbellPaige Campbell NanaimoMember Posts: 40
    edited 2 February, 2009
    Kado likes to get as close as possible when me or my sister are sick. It's really annoying because he's always in the way, but he does keep us warm ^^
  • Jason YoungbergJason Youngberg WheatonMember Posts: 251
    edited 5 February, 2009
    I'm with Frodo. When I'm sick or depressed all my cats notice is that I'm home more and I don't move as much so they can sit on me longer. I don't expect them to, but I wouldn't mind if they did.
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
    edited 5 February, 2009
    Yes, my cats know when I'm sick or upset. They become extra attentive. Sometimes they even seem to take shifts between the 3 of them so at least one is almost always with me when I'm sick.
  • Emma MendiolaEmma Mendiola Suisun CityMember Posts: 59
    edited 5 February, 2009
    Link normally hangs out where ever I am anyway, but he will sit right next to me when I'm sick or crying. Zelda may or may not notice. My fiance is her favorite, not me, so her attentiveness towards me is sporadic regardless of how I'm doing.
  • Lauren FrancisLauren Francis Member Posts: 122
    edited 8 February, 2009
    The Spazster seems to know when I am not well. When he lived at the daycare I was sick the one day and he sat outside the bathroom door and meowed and scratched at the door, which he NEVER did. I would call out to him that I was ok and it would be quiet for a minute then he wold do it again. lol. Now that he is at home with me (grin) he will snuggle with me or give little mews. If I am crying or upset he lets me hold him tightly until I feel better then he jumps down and runs away lol.
  • Rebecca NowakRebecca Nowak Orange County, NYMember Posts: 1,397
    edited 8 February, 2009
    I\'ve got to say that only 1 out of the 5 cats I\'ve had seemed to care if I was sick or hurt and even she used to yell at me every time I sneezed. The rest of them could care less, just keep on playing and feeding and we\'re all good! :))
  • Natalie ShampayNatalie Shampay ConcordMember Posts: 79
    edited 11 February, 2009
    Of course! When my Mommy had a bad fever I was with her all night until she felt better.
  • Leigh PetersonLeigh Peterson AkronMember Posts: 796
    edited 11 February, 2009
    Wish I were so lucky. I've had my two kitties for over 10 years, and they don't act different whether I'm happy, sad, healthy or sick. Oh well :-)
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
    edited 11 February, 2009
    I am right there when mom doesn't feel good. Always Meowies, Patrick
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
    edited 11 February, 2009
    I was known as "Dr Biscuit" for a very good reason! ;) Purrrrrs, (Dr) Biscuit
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 12 February, 2009
    Meowma hasn't been very sick with me around, but while Rocky was alive, she had a very seriouss illness that had her in very bad shape for over a month. During that time, Rocky stopped his 'kitty crazies' and stayed right next to Meowma, even sitting on her lap which he had never done before, and never did again. Meowma could not believe he was the same kitty. When she began feeling better, he went back to his old self--in the room, but not snuggling, and running wildly up and down the hall at all hours. So, she thinks at least some animals know when we don't feel so well.
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
    edited 12 February, 2009
    We all know when meowmy is not feeling well, or is down. Around Thanksgiving she came down with a very bad case of the flu. We were always with her in the bed, and when she sneezed, I would get close to her and give her my special "chirp" to ask if she was okay, I also patted her face with my paw. She said she would never have gotten through the grief of loosing her home, all her possessions and four cats in Hurricane Katrina if it were not for us. When her house was demolished in September, 2007 and she returned to the FEMA trailer where we were living she just walked in and collapsed on the sofa. I jumped up on her lap, Louie was on one side and Benny on the other. We all cuddled and purred until she felt better. She calls us her "nurses in fur coats". Charmaine is also a good kitty nurse for such a young kit. Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain and Charmaine Neville
  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 12 February, 2009
    I used to call Squeakers my nurse. Squeakers LPN-Licking Purring Nurse. I remember once I had the stomach flu and she came in while I was throwing up and she put her nice cold wet nose on my forehead, I can't tell you how nice that felt! When I had my viral infection last year, both Squeakers and Sandy slept with me, despite their differences with each other, and they "kept me covered" Whenever I am upset, Sandy is always there to comfort me, Squeakers was too. She was also my guard cat, if someone knocked at the door, she'd come with me to answer it. If someone upset me or spoke unkindly to me, she'd stand between us. I really miss that cat! Sandy is my nurse and psychologist now, but she doesn't make a very good guard, she's a fraidy cat! I think our cats really do care about us, and they do care about more than eating and sleeping. I have read books like Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul and all those stories prove that cats care for us just as much as we care for them. They can sense if something isn't right with us. I can just imagine my cats worrying when I came home one day and left right away to go to the emergency room because of a gallbladder attack. My mom came over to feed them, but it's just not the same.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 14 February, 2009
    Most of my cats have sensed when I have been sick and tried to \"be there\" for me. I have had two hip replacements, but had to wait several years before the doctors would agree to give them to me (due to some stupid idea that you should only have new hips if you\'re over seventy!). Anyway, I spent LOTS of time in bed, since I was in constant pain and couldn\'t walk very well. Spike stayed in bed with me the whole time, only getting up now and then to go to the bathroom or eat. At the same time my hips collapsed, I came down with clinical depression--hardly surprising when you are in constant pain, can\'t walk, and yet must somehow hold down a job. I\'m sure that Spike knew that I needed him for that reason as well. My girl kitties are not terribly attentive to my moods, but my other male, Harvey, worries about me when he senses that I\'m sick. I recently had an awful cold that lasted a month, and sometimes he\'d come over to me as I lay in bed--unlike Spike, he usually doesn\'t sleep with me--and sniff my eyelids. I swear that he was trying to figure out if I were dead or not. Obviously, he wouldn\'t WANT me to be dead, but he was worried. Right now he\'s happy as a clam--I\'m on the computer, and he\'s in HIS place to the left of the computer. Spike gets the bed, Harvey gets the desk, the girls come and go, and you never know where you\'re going to find the kittens.
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