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Jessica WoodJessica Wood LangleyMember Posts: 125
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We adopted Bella at a shelter in october, they said her mother was Bengal (they don't know who the owner was, and she was shot just after giving birth) but the father is unknown. Well, as Bella is growing, I think she's looking more and more like a Savannah. Things like her face isn't the shape of a Bengal, her ears are pretty big, and her markings seem more Savannah-like to me. I'm wondering if they could have been mistaken in saying the mother was Bengal, since they can look quite similar. She definitely has the personality of both, though. From what I've read they're very similar. She's smart, super mischievous, follows me around the house, likes jumping from one thing to another, very vocal, super affectionate. And her hair definitely makes me think she is not just a tabby, its so soft and shiny, and she basically doesn't shed at all. I've never seen a cat with hair like hers except another Bengal. I was wondering if anyone would know any ways to figure out her breed (like any distinguishing markings between the Bengal and Savannah), or if since she was from a shelter, we'll never know? It doesn't really matter, I guess, but I'm curious and just really want to know, lol. I can post some pictures if anyone wants. Thanks.:)


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    Hi Bella~ One defining characteristic are the spots. Savannahs tend to have tighter \"spots\" while Bengals are larger and rosetted. Before I decided to adopt a Savannah I looked into both breeds to figure out which one I wanted and, you\'re absolutely right, they are very similar. I\'ve noticed that Bengals tend to have more of a \"domestic\" face, you mentioned that Bella\'s is not has domestic-ey? Does she have black tear markings or a black nose? Also, on her ears does she have the ocelli (white \"eye\" spots) on the back middle of her ears? These can be tell-tale signs of Savannah blood. Another sign is her profile when she is sitting. If her back is more \"humped\" than she could have Savannah blood, as the parentage leads to the cats having a slightly arched back. Also, you mentioned her fur, if it is glittered, than she is probably more Bengal than anything else, as Savannahs are not supposed to have glittered fur....although, many Savannahs are bred using Bengal blood. In the end, I\'m not sure if you\'ll be able to say if she is Bengal or Savannah, but, shes so precious you should treasure her no matter what her parentage is :) I hope this helped, and, if you are still curious, I would suggest contacting a Bengal or Savannah breeder and ask him/her to confirm her background. All the best, Kinako + Moet :^:
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    I came out of the woods near my grandparents' house and adopted my mommy. She just loves my stripes and spots and always wonders where I came from, genetically speaking. I've got a long torso and weigh 13 lbs, but am muscular. My mommy is curious if maybe I have some Savannah blood or some other tiger stripe kitty blood. Any ideas? Tiger
  • Jessica WoodJessica Wood LangleyMember Posts: 125
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    Bella has a reddish pink nose, but its outlined in black with a little black line that almost goes right down the middle. And her spots seem smaller and not much like rosettes..She seems to sort of have a lighter marking on the backs of her ears like ocelli, but it isn't defined enough to be sure. And like you mentioned, a lot of Savannah breeders use Bengals, so she could be both..I'm guessing either way, she's half of one or the other. I've looked at a lot of Savannah pictures, and it seems they vary a lot from one breeder to another..I found some pictures of purebred Savannahs that look just like Bella.
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