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Ssscat Cat Deterrent

edited 20 February, 2009 in Behavior & Training
Anyone used one of these - they are for indoor use and sprays out a puff of air. If so, are they effective.


    edited 24 January, 2009
    Good Meow, My mom has used them with us kitties. It scares the heck out of us when she remembers to set the can to go off. I think she is getting ready to start using them again. Some cat keep peeing on the counter and microwave and mom is verrrrry mad.:( They are kind of pricey, but they do work. Meow, Mr. Tigger Jana
  • edited 26 January, 2009
    Yea it works - not that us kitties are that happy about it! :)) We are shut in the basement at night (don't get me wrong, it's lovely down there, carpet, furniture, laundry room with our litter trays and some food but we want out - and we can't come out cos we are all too noisy at night and it makes Rosie (the dog!) bark. Anyway, we wanted out so started scratching the carpet at the top of the stairs even with a baby gate there! We made a mess and daddy was cross but this works! No more shredded carpet! Mummy got it from Petsmart - it was $34 and well worth it!
  • Kerri ZimmermanKerri Zimmerman WinnipegMember Posts: 448
    edited 26 January, 2009
    Ozzie, Has mommy and daddy tried putting pieces of carpet down as well where you are scratching so the carpet underneath is saved? Sounds like the carpet is destroyed but just in case :? One of my cat likes to scratch at the door to go outside - he does it at night to wake me up. So, I bought two window screens (from a garage sale) and I lean them up against the door and he doesn't scratch anymore. I was even able to take it away from the back door because he learned not to do it anymore. I think he forgot about it now :)) and is on to something new to bug mommy with :? I was going to suggest these screens for the top of the stairs but you already have a gate.....I used these in the past when I lived in a duplex and he wanted to go to the door at the bottom of the stairs to scratch the door and meow....prevented him from doing this and upsetting the neighbors.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 26 January, 2009
    OK--let me ask you guys this. Our kitties don\'t sleep with us because the dogs do and I just KNOW that since cats are active at night, our bedroom would turn into the Indianapolis 500 of dogs chasing cats around the room. Somecat--I think it\'s sweet little Lily Rose ;) has been absolutely gouging the carpet outside our bedroom door trying to get in. The pile on the carpet is completely shredded and poufy in one area. Not only that, but the scratching on the door and digging on the carpet keep me awake at night, especially now that I know she\'s doing damage to the carpet. Letting them into the room, as I said, is not an option. I could use SSSCAT, but then they wouldn\'t want to come into the bedroom during the day, either and they like to sit on the back of the chair in there and watch cat t.v. Any ideas? :-k
  • edited 16 February, 2009
    Sorry, I have ony just seen your question Lily Rose. As soon as I open the basement they wait until I take the spray away and they are up the stairs like a shot. As long as the spray can is not there they don't have a problem with it. I am sure it would be like that when you take the spray away in the morning. I am sure it would work.
  • Tara WTara W St. PaulMember Posts: 939
    edited 16 February, 2009
    How long does a can last? I know of "someone" who likes to jump on the kitchen counters.
  • JL GrummerJL Grummer Member Posts: 24
    edited 18 February, 2009
    Our mom uses pheromone magic when we do something on accident on the floor. We never want to do it there again.
  • edited 20 February, 2009
    We have used the can every night since January 23. I always test it when I first put it there and it ran out two nights ago. It still makes a noise but not nearly as loud, just a little hiss. Still they would not come up to the door though. It says 200 sprays but not sure. Of course they didn't have a refil in Petsmart so had to buy the can and the top part again but it's worth it.
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