More about maine coon traits and characteristics.

Virginia HowardVirginia Howard Member Posts: 16
edited 8 March, 2009 in Maine Coon
At what age did some of you coon owners notice your cat learning or doing tricks? In addition are all maine coons extremely active and playful or do they like to just sit with their owners? I am still trying to really figure out the difference between the wedgies and the coons,


  • Amy GoldsburyAmy Goldsbury fountainMember Posts: 7
    edited 3 March, 2009
    hi timmy, i think all of us maine coons are pretty much outgoing and playful for the most part, oh and another thing, i really like to have " my humans, ( mommy and daddy) around all the time:^:
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 8 March, 2009 repeat myself, there are naturally occurring Maine Coons (my brother found one next to a dumpster in, naturally, Maine) and purebred types. Maine Coons tend to be fascinated by water--that seems to be hard-wired in them. But while they tend to be laid-back cats (long haired cats are said to be more laid-back than short hairs), there are exceptions. My three MCs are on the nervous side. Harvey is lovey-dovey with me, but tries to kill cat show judges, Leila comes by once a day for a pet, and Chibi is always ready for a tummy rub. But no lap sitting. I suspect that this is due to how they were raised by their breeder, who is not a bad breeder, by the way. The kittens I have raised myself are extremely affectionate, except Currier, who is shy but intense--always near me, but a bit tense regarding physical interaction. In fact, MCs are said to be next to you cats rather than lap cats--which may have something to do with their size, although not all MCs are that big (Harvey is only 13 pounds). On the other hand, some of my cat show friends say that their MCs do sit on their laps. Maine Coons are not as vertically oriented as some other breeds, or even moggies. As for playfulness--I wouldn\'t say that my adult MCs are more playful than my moggies. However, the kittens are another matter, and I am assuming that they will be interactive and playful as adults. However, my cats are purebreds who came from the same breeder, so they may well be different from other purebred MCs, naturally occurring MCs, and MC mixes.
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