How do you pose a cat in clothing?

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Meowmy just loves cats in clothes but she has the hardest time ever taking pictures of me and Bunster wearing them. She had a jester hat that she wanted me to wear last Halloween and I wouldn't put up with it (I shook my head a lot and tried to get it off the second it was on) so she gave up. Meowmy has seen many cats sitting still and practically posing with hats on and she wonders how it's been done. She really wants to buy us clothes, but she wants us to be comfortable too. How do you pose a cat in clothing?


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    Hi Fireheart, Mommy has a horrible time dressing us in clothes for pictures! Whenever mommy dresses us now, she has our Auntie come over to help. Mommy kind of holds us to a steady point, and then Auntie gets the picture. Some are good, but most are not so good. We had six hands helping the last time Mommy took pictures. But there are other humans that have good posing cats and they are very lucky! So lately Mommy has just been adding graphic stuff on our picture. Like example....a tie or a hat and whatever. Part of our pictures are us in real clothes and some are graphics. I wish we had the answer to help you. Having someone to help you is all we can think of. Lots of luck, Purrs, Karma
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    I wish I could advise you, but the cats in our family would shred mom's face if she ever tried to put clothes on us! :))
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    I do NOT like to pose in clothes but mom makes me sometimes. Like Karma said, it helps to have someone help you. I have also been told to take a ton of photos and hope that ones comes out. I think treats and toys are used in some of those photos of the good posing kitties. I think also getting used to it. Good luck.
  • H-Renee BealsH-Renee Beals Member Posts: 8,426
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    Hahahaha.. Momma tried to put a cute hat on me.. I took it off real fast! :) Momma dresses Jubilee (my doggy sister) and really wants to dress me, but I'm not too sure about it.. Can't wait to see if there are any kitties here with good advice |^| ~ Illyana ~
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    When Meowma put the red Ho HO HO dress on me, I didn't like it, but she was ready with the camera when she got through dressing me...and was sweet talking the whole time. She hurried up and took the picture when I laid down to protest--snapped a couple of close ups, and undressed me--all within three minutes. She says probably one to be ready with the camera, one to quickly dress the kitty and back off is probably best. But, she did get the pictures of me by herself; she was moving quickly but smoothly so I didn't get scared or mad--just indignant :)) Meowma recommends not trying to put clothes on kitties that are even a little bit 'spooky' or nervous-- she says those cats should be 'dressed' by Photoshop only. If your kitty gets upset by clothing, back off. Meowma says she would have never even thought about putting clothes on Rocky, as it would have made the poor guy too upset.
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    first put it on him , fur a few minutes at a time and slowly praise him and feed him treats. then gradually work up to it until you are comfeterable with the clothes. fur me , mommy had to strat putting the clothes on me a few days before she was going to get the pics. and also , but specila clothes that is made fur cts and comfterable. sometimes , when I have clothes on , I while refuse to walk and just freeze on the ground , then you an put a fave treat a few feet away to encourage him to walk and to see that its ok to do so. then he'll get more confidence. dont expect too much ,t ake the pics quicly , praise and then take the clothes fur the hats issue , there is nt much I can recomend , cause I just freeze when I get a hat put on me and wont move , instead of shaking it oof , so mommy can get the pic. or you could try special kitty ones wih and elastic band to hold it on his head. just make sure you lavish trets and praise on him fur this! hopes this helps! and if all else fails , do what antoher kitty said and put stuff on his pics on the computer!!!
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    sorry for all those errors in my last post! hope you can understand it!
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    Some of the cats in my family like clothes and others don't. I don't mind as long as there's nothing on my head, for example. I think the cat's personality has a lot to do with it. And treats help a lot!
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    It helps if you get them used to it as kittens. Church started wearing clothes as a kitten so he didn't mind at all, I just put things on and he didn't pay any attention to it. If you start with an adult cat, start with something small and comfortable and let them wear that around for a while to get used to it. Once they're used to that try something a little bit bigger/heavier. That way they slowly get used to wearing something on and don't get annoyed by it. You can also try putting it on them, giving a treat, then taking it off right away. They will learn that when they keep the clothes/hat on it means they get a treat, so they will learn to tolerate it more.. When I take photos of my cats in clothes I just put it on them and then use a toy to get them to pose or to get their attention. Check out Church's page, I have several photos of him dressed.
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