What is the difference between a wedgie and maine coon

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Hi, my name is Timmy. I was adopted by my new owner after my original owner was hospitalized at the VA Hospital, where he remains to date. Because of his condition, the shelter who assisted in finding me a home, were unable to get more information about my heritage. I am really sweet boy who after only being in my new home a few hours and even one day, looked like I had been living here all of my life. I have adjusted well to my new four legged sibling and Pug, Daisy, and love my two legged children in the home. I've never known any other cats to adapt as well as I have to my new owners, children, cats, and dogs!! Although I can be very playful, I primarily like to purr, talk to my owners when I cannot see them or when I want some loving, and enjoy being in the same room as everyone else. Although I like to be held, I prefer to sleep or sit near you or next to you. I have big paws with heavy tufting especially on my back feet. I also have tufting in my ears and around my neck. My tail is long and if bent back goes to the base of my shoulders/neck. It's also very fluffy. I am 4-5 months old and only weigh 7 pounds. So in light of my physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics could I be wedgie or maine coon? I have only been in my new home 2 days so I haven't done any tricks although I am learning to beg for treats. I don't play in water like another cat my owner had, but I do like to see the toilet flush. Would you please look at me and provide a little feed back about my heritage? Thank you!!


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    Hi Timmy, What do you think of me? It's fun to look at other cats and see. I look like a Wegie who lives in Norway, his name is Nurven. Seems if I'm the spitting image of a real life Norwegian NFC then I probably am one. My MC furiend, Loki, thinks I look Coon or am both. You're still pretty young, so it will be interesting to see how you grow up. Here's cool things about Wegies ( I don't know if they fit Coons or not ). We like water and other animals. Not always lap cats but we like to be around our humans. Coons like to fetch. I do NOT like to fetch, as if. Wegies grow a massive mane, bigger than Coons, after their first winter. Then we rip it all out for summer and lose so much fur that you might think your Wegie is a short haired cat. No worries, it all grows back even thicker the next year. Look on my page and scroll to the Plus Photo Album. You can compare me this winter vs. last winter vs. my first winter. Wegies climb down trees head first, though I guess other cats can learn how, I taught Sid to do it too. I have a funny meow and am very smart. I do not get mats because I am a fastidious groomer and hack up hairballs that would make your human cringe. My coolest one is in my photo album though this years was over twice as big but not nearly as photogenic. Looked like a very long, very large, baby puke colored dog turd. Lovely, eh? I hope you have fun looking, its the best part.
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