I Am Lost :(

Danielle FlandersDanielle Flanders Fort MyersMember Posts: 84
On 4/2/09 Nick went missing from his home. We had contractors at our house and all the chaos scared him and he ran off. I was hoping after things quieted down he would return, but he hasn\'t yet. I am devastated about this. He doesn\'t do well with stress, he has seizures when he gets too worked up. If anyone happens to live in the Lee County Area of Florida, please keep an eye out for him. We want him home!! :(( Thank you!


  • Barbara HansonBarbara Hanson Member Posts: 1,232
    edited 7 April, 2009
    We will be purraying that Nick finds his way home soon!!! |/a/||/a/|
  • Cassandra NoneCassandra None Member Posts: 406
    edited 7 April, 2009
    I sincerely hope your lost laddie returns home - soon.
  • Teresa HawkinsTeresa Hawkins McHenryMember Posts: 415
    edited 8 April, 2009
    Do you have access to humane live traps? If you can get them set a couple near your house with his favorite treats in them. Also, do a thorough search inside, in his favorite hiding spots. We had two kitties run outside when the building was on fire, and they were found inside (and safe!) two days later, hiding in a dresser drawer. Purring that Nick is reunited with his family soon.
  • Deborah CarterDeborah Carter AtlantaMember Posts: 14
    edited 10 April, 2009
    Yes, try to set traps near your home. One of my cats got loose outside for ten days. He was too skittish for me to catch, but I could see him lurking around the house and hiding after he was missing for a week. He found his way home but was still too scared to come to me. I set traps by the front door where he escaped and he finally got hungry enough to go in. Good Luck! Hope your baby comes back home!
  • Sara KangSara Kang Member Posts: 403
    edited 16 April, 2009
    Same thing happened to our recently adopted foster kitty. Please check out www.catsinthebag.org for a GREAT website on tips on how to find your kitty. Indoor only kitties don't go far-- no more than 3-6 houses down in the first week, a little further after that. You also need to check the local shelters regularly, up to a few miles away is how far a kitty can go. Depending on where she was picked up or dropped off. Don't trust them to just check the Found listings for you. Yes, the live humane traps are excellent. Just remember to use wet food or tuna, and change the food daily. Tape newspaper down so it doesn't rustle, or else they won't go in... We haven't found her yet. Its been 3 weeks now. We've identified all the food sources- trash bins, stray feeders, etc. So far, no luck. Also, kitties only come out at night-- 10 pm, but most likely after midnight until dusk. Good luck!!!
  • Debbie CormellDebbie Cormell Member Posts: 158
    edited 16 April, 2009
    Oh how I wish I lived right there to help you! Get fresh food and dry food out the door you think kitty got out - Do this every night at dusk... Make a BIG deal about rattling the dry food bag, calling the cat (even though it's not likely to respond), make this into a serious routine. Also a good idea to get a trap, but don't put any food into it right away... Ever move anything in your home an inch or two? How many days did it take for kitty to stop thinking it was NEW?? :-) This is how they will act when trapping, so put the trap near the food and water, but LOCK it open for at least 1 week. I use dish towels to line the inside of my traps, and a small bungie cord to lock the front door open. After 1 week Jack Mackrel (stinks to high heaven, but if your cat likes fishy things will draw every cat for miles to YOUR area hahaha)... or use your cats favorite treatie food and worry about diet, etc.. later :-) CatsintheBag.org is a wonderful source of info as well as MissingCatAssistance on yahoo groups (and here too !!)... I've been helping people with lost cats for years in person and on the internet, with many great success stories - SO many paws crossed your kitty is one we all get to read about! If your kitty was an indoor only, you may not see it for 2 weeks or more depending on how much of a scared indoor cat it was - But it must have fresh water and food so make sure it's right there to keep kitty closer to your home - Right, Indoor only lost cats won't be more than about 5 houses away and hiding deeply. A great flashlight and searching (the lights shines on cat eyes different so it's good to also look around at night). Be sure to look up trees, and under or in anything 6" or bigger (amazing how small of spaces they can get into!)... Flyers, Flyers, Flyers - Simple info - LOST CAT - BIG CLEAR PHOTO, Number 24/7 someone can reach you at - How much effort you put into your search, flyers, going to shelter, Animal Humane, etc... equals the difference between getting your cat back home, or giving up "thinking" it would just come home if not... a, b, c ... :(( So sorry to hear and hope to read a great story about your cats return SOON!
  • Jo YagerJo Yager ShenandoahMember Posts: 205
    edited 19 April, 2009
    Hi, we seen that Nick was missing! When we continued to read the forums, we found some info that might help you out. Go to...http://www.catster.com/forums/Shelters_Rescue_and_Fostering/thread/608475. If you have trouble finding it, just look in the Shelters,rescue and fostering forum under the topic called \" kitties that are missing, come here\" posted on April 6th. Maybe their link can help you! Good luck! We are purraying that Nick comes home soon! |^|
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