I need some advice

I need some advice.. One of the kitten (Dagger) I got is sick. he is sneezing and sound a bit congested. The lady I'm fostering for gave me some antibiotics (I'm not sure what they are), but he is not getting any better. I'm going to try and call this lady tomorrow, but I get such a attitude from her, like I don't know what I'm talking about and because she is a rescuer she knows more. But she is the one who took 20 kittens from a local shelter. Not that I'm trying to cut down her efforts, but now all the kittens she got including mine are sick . I ran the hot water in the bathroom and we sat in there to let the steam break up whatever gunk he has in his chest. On the good side his chest doesn't sound like it's rattling, so I don't know. Anyone with idea's please get back to me. Can I try baby saline drops in his nose so he can breathe?


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    I just took Dagger's temperature. It's 101.9. What is the normal temperature for a 7 week old kitten?? I'm getting worried about him.
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    It sounds like Dagger has an upper respiratory infection. How long has Dagger been on the antibiotics? I\'m not certain of the normal temperatoure of a kitten, but this sounds a bit high. Is there any vet that you can call for information? That sounds like a better choice rather than the lady who seems to know it all, but cops an attitude versus providing you help with your kitty.Keep us posted. We are purring for you Dagger! :-k
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    I found out his temperature is fine. I started antibiotics on Fri, so you'd think he'd be a little better by now.He's still very congested, but he is eating. I'm trying to find someone to take me to Walmart to get a vaporizer. I did get baby saline nose drops, but those aren't helping at all. I even tried a little baby vicks in his nose, but that hasn't helped. I talked to the lady, she said her's on the mend. I really hope the vaporizer helps. I even have some baby vicks to put in it. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    The vaporizer is a good idea until you can call a vet for information. I would not put Vicks on the kitten's nose as he will lick and swallow it. I don't know about the nose drops, either.
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    I just put a little inside so he couldn't lick it. I'm desperate at this point.
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    Update! He's doing better now.. He's eating even though he's congested.. I'm still doing the saline drops and I'm going to get a humidifier tomorrow.
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    Our "cousin" gets frequent URI's and the vet recommended Afrin. Don't know if that's OK for a kitten or not but thought I would pass that along. Also ask about L-Lysine.
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    Many kittens who have been under stress & in a shelter get URI. You are doing all the right things. The vaporizer will help. L-lyisne can help support his system. I am sorry that the person who you are fostering for is not more supportive. My person coordinates our foster homes and gets calls all hours of the day & night. The first time people foster they need support because they haven't seen and experienced the things that those of us who have done it longer have. One really important thing with kittens is to make sure that they are eating & gaining weight. good luck!!
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    Hey Dodger, Yeah he's eating, but he sounds horrible. He's on the floor right now playing w/his brother, so I guess he can't feel that bad. I just got a humidifier this morning. What I did last night was boil a big pot of water and put some Vicks in it.. I held him over the pan for a little while. And yes I was careful... He hated it, but I think it helped.
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    Update! Dagger is doing much better. I got a vaporizer yesterday and he seems to be breathing a lot better. He was even on the playing last night. he's eating well, so i think he's going to be ok. Thank you guys for all your advice.
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    We are so happy to hear that Dagger is feeling some better.You must be doing it right! Great job! :h:
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    Thanks, I gave them some of my steak tonight. OMG they totally pigged out. Dagger is actually getting a belly now. They will be going to new homes on Sat and I'll be getting some new ones.
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