Moving with an older cat.

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I am planning on moving to California from Maine in about a month. I would love to move my cat with me since she has been in my life from the time she was two months old. She will be 12 years old in August. She is an indoor\outdoor cat but even with the nice weather has been very hesitant going outdoors lately. I would like to make her an indoor cat because where I am moving would be dangerous for her to go outside. According to what the vet said last week when I brought Tessa in, other than her sudden allergy to dust mites (she is bald on her crotch area) some dry skin caused by a flea killer, being a couple of pounds underweight and slightly off-sized kidneys, she is very healthy. Even so, I am nervous about moving her. Tessa has never known any other home than this one except for the first two months of her life. I don't know if she would be able to adjust to a new setting and make her be an indoor cat. She would be going from an entire house to rule over and an acre of yard\woods to ruling over a one bedroom apartment. My other concern is I don't know how I would move her. I'm planning to fly to California. When I moved back to Maine from there I took my Beagle on the plane with me. His vet was consulted and I was told it's safe to give him a very small dose of Benadryl. Since Mayday weighed 15 pounds at the time and Tessa weighs 8 pounds, I don't know if it would be a good idea to give her anything to knock her out for the duration of the flight (about 8 hours.) Does anyone have any ideas and\or feed back they wouldn't mind contributing? Thanks. -- Kye


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    Hi . Meowmy was a Flight Attendant for over 20 years. It varies from airline to airline as to how transport animals. You will need to check their websites to see if Tessa can travel in the cabin with you. Meowmy told us that she has transported many a cat across country. Yes...from Portland Maine... change in PHL or LGA and onto LAX. Some kitties like it while others do not. Some were a lot older than Tessa...the oldest one was 20 years old! Most cats hate benadryl...check with a vet to see what other sedative you could give Tessa. Tessa will probably be happier living in a 1 bedroom apartment than being separated from her purrson. Best of luck with the big move!
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    Hi! I lived in the same house all my life til I was Tessa's age (12) then Mom moved. It didn't involve a plane flight but I did have to stay in a crate for hours (closing on the house Mom sold was four hours before closing on the house she bought so we were technically homeless for that time ;) )and hated it. Mom's vet gave me a cat anti-anxiety medication called Amytriptilene and it helped a lot. I adjusted fine. Mom kept me confined to her bedroom for a few days then let me explore the rest of the house a little at a time. I even adjusted to two more moves since then, to Mom's friends the night after a fire destroyed our townhome/condo building then to the temporary rental house we are in now, and I'm doing fine in this house too. Mom had to tranquilize me a little at first at her friend's place but I came around. HTH!!
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    It was a much shorter flight but I travelled with Minxy from Las Vegas to Sacramento when she was 21 and she settled in fine. Check with your vet re a sedative and make sure to test it out before you travel. One thing to be aware of is that you'll have to take your cat out of the carrier and carry her through the security check point with you. If you can get her to wear a harness that will help. Also its expensive to book 1st class when you book your ticket but its cheap to do it when you check in. I upgraded to 1st class for $50 when I flew with Minxy and got to use a special much less crowded lane to get through security and had more room for Minxy on the plane. It varies by airline if pets can travel in the cabin with you. I flew with US Airways with Minxy and they were the only airline covering that route who'd let pets in the cabin.
  • Annette GastelumAnnette Gastelum Anaheim HillsMember Posts: 1,835
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    i'm sure she'll be fine.. I had to move 4 times!!! I made my last move when I turned 18.. Kitties are stronger than you think.. We are purring for you... You kitty only wants to be with you...I'm sure of it.. I let my mommy know that when we moved...;)|:||:|
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