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My meezers love their canned food (packed with gluten). Homemade alternatives???

Ashley LaRueAshley LaRue San AntonioMember Posts: 16
edited 12 May, 2009 in Food & Nutrition
My Siamese cats, Echo and Ember, love canned food. I try to avoid meat by-products first, then fillers. They love Nutro\'s Savory Hunter\'s Stew with Venison, Fancy Feast chicken flavours, and Purina Pro Plan flavors, but they have gluten in them. I\'ve tried offering them things like chicken soup (turned down) and oatmeal with cheese (Echo loved this, Ember turned up her nose). Echo will eat just about anything, including bean and cheese tacos and whole wheat bread. Ember tends to be the picky one. She really only likes the gravy from the cat food. She\'ll eat the food part after she\'s done with the gravy (sometimes). Echo eats the gravy, then gobbles down the food. Any recipe or website suggestions? All the websites I\'ve found have questionable ingredients (onion powder to flavor?!?) or cost money (ebook advertisement) or just aren\'t precise. (\'throw chicken and cheese in pot, stir, cool before serving\' how long?? how much??) Any suggestions or recipes are very welcome. Also, Ember weighs 10 lbs, and is a rather petite cat. She has 3 legs and doesn\'t get around well. I need to feed her something she won\'t get fatter off of. Thanks! Echo and Ember would thank you too if they could ;)


  • BROOKE LOWRYBROOKE LOWRY TampaMember Posts: 6,037
    edited 6 May, 2009
    Hi, Echo. Here are some brands of canned food I would recommend you try: PetCo: Wellness Natural Balance Avoderm PetSmart: By Nature or By Nature Organics If you have a small, boutique-type pet specialty store near you, you may be able to find a local source for Innova, Innova Evo, Go Naturals, Addiction, Nature\'s Logic, Ziwi Peak, and others. As far as homemade foods, you should try the Home Cooking forum here on Catster and I\'m sure you\'ll get some help there. One thing is that cats should be on a diet that is grain-free, or ALMOST grain free. Therefore, oatmeal, wheat toast, etc. should not be part of your kitties\' diet. Can they have a small taste every now and then? Yes, sure, unless it\'s something that could be toxic, like chocolate, caffeine, etc. But it should not be part of their regular diet, and should only occasionally be given and only in very small amounts. Nothing against cooking for cats - I do it for my dogs occasionally, and occasionally the cats will get pieces of cooked meat as treats, but if you are going to do home preparation, you might as well go raw. (Check out the Catster raw forum for tips.) A good start, though, would be a quality, grain-free canned food.
  • SammySammy Member Posts: 3,391
    edited 6 May, 2009
    Hi Echo, Not sure which chicken Fancy Feast you are eating, but if you stick with the \"gourmet\" type you will see it has NO gluten in it. There are several FF flavors that Mom will allow us to eat, particularly since it does not have gluten in it. Yes, it has by-products, and yes, there are healthier brands out there, but some of us just don\'t care for the taste of \"premium\" foods. Our belief is that eating ANY wet food is healthier than dry, so she does the best she can with us. :)
  • Nicole MartinNicole Martin CranfordMember Posts: 185
    edited 6 May, 2009
    The trick with kitties is that they don't like change. If you offer a can of something completely new and they snub it, it is more likely that it is just because it is different and not because they actually don't like the food itself. Always very slowly mix a new food in with something they are used to eating. It works every time but people usually aren't patient enough to give cats the time they need to adjust. I took a year to transition Angel to raw and people think I'm crazy for taking so long but we never had any problems because we took our time.
  • SammySammy Member Posts: 3,391
    edited 6 May, 2009
    Forgot to mention that chicken soup, oatmeal, and wheat bread are not nutritious foods for cats - I would avoid these completely and recommend that you stick with meat only. Rather than looking for homemade recipes, maybe you should focus on good quality wet foods then slowly introduce some homemade/raw/whatever - just a suggestion.
  • Ashley LaRueAshley LaRue San AntonioMember Posts: 16
    edited 9 May, 2009
    Yeah. I figured none of it was really good for him. He had maybe a bite or two. the chicken soup was completely home made though, and just had chicken, the broth that it produced (none added) and some rice. And thanks for all your advice, guys!
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
    edited 12 May, 2009
    Hi Echo and Ember , The food you are feeding right now is one of if not the best you can feed imo. ( Nutro's Savory Hunter's Stew with Venison) We all have them and this is mine. That is why I choose to work for them. They have been around for over 80 years and I have had 3 cats reach 22 years and one to reach 19, all on dry max cat only! There have been no uti's or other vet required visits due to health reasons. I was a groomer for 12 years and a vet tech for 5 yrs. I am not anti any of the foods they recommended, I just believe what you are feeding is fine. Hey if there were any problems, I would NOT be feeding it myself. Meow here was my 3rd kitty to reach 22 yrs old.
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