Brits - how much food do you eat?

Jake DinerJake Diner Redondo BeachMember Posts: 10
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Meaow to all of you! My parents are trying to establish the correct amount of food needed for me. they kept reading on all this " ..depends on the breed, life style, and other ..." Fancy Feast can says "1 can (3 oz) per 3.5 lbs of wait" my wait is 11 lbs, so should I have 3 cans per day? We also have a bowl of dry food always available to us, but eat a little of it (although our parent place there really good premium food) Can you friends - just list how much of what kind of food you are eating per day?


  • Lucy MildridLucy Mildrid SadievilleMember Posts: 8,596
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    I have a bowl of crunchy food avalible to me at all times :) And I am not even fat! MOL GL, Sorry if that didn't help any D8
  • chris garciachris garcia Member Posts: 18
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    Missy saw the vet the other day, and even though I'M paranoid about her becoming/being(?)overweight, he said she was fine at nine pounds. Our breed matures really late and they're just big--big--and round--by nature. Missy's eight so i watch her weight, as i don't want a diabetes problem, etc. down the there's a new kitten in the house and an elderly male (who i have to be careful to keep the weight ON) this is kind of tricky. I put out a can of FriskiesShredded in the morning for all of them--and another at night, and if the baby isn't nibbling on his DryKitten(BlueBuffalo)and seems peckish, i'll crack open another can for him. (The Friskies Shredded is AAFCO trialed for AllLifeStages, not just maintenance.) It's a tricky thing, but i've found what works best by sort of trial and error, and i haven't had the pleasure of perusing your cat's page so how old is she? Do you leave a bit of kibble around for her to nibble as she pleases? If she likes the FancyFeast you might want to do a morning/evening thing with that, with perhaps a bit of good dry {BlueBuffalo is awesome}left out for her and lots of fresh clean water for her all the time of course. She's beautiful, by the way!
  • Linsey ParksLinsey Parks Member Posts: 27
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    I get 1-2 tablespoons of "EVO" kitten food 2x day. It's the easiest way for my mom to mix in my L-lysine and "Missing Link" supplement. Then I always have a small bowl of "Life's Abundance' dry food available at all times.
  • Fran RosenbergFran Rosenberg Member Posts: 8
    edited 30 November, 2008
    I am a chubby girl! So although I ask for food all the time, I get about 1 or 1.5 oz of canned food for breakfast, and the same portion in two halves at night - half when my family eats, so I don\'t harass them as much at the table :D and the other portion just before bed (10:00 ish)... I do get treats, like dry chicken breath strips or the tiny crunchy tips off of my family\'s chicken breakfast sausages. I live for the breakfast sausages. %:D% My family believes I can count to four now :)), since I always wait patiently for the full count, as each person gives me the tips of both their sausages before I walk away. I don\'t eat dry food at all, because my family thinks I would eat all day and all night! My favorite brands are Organics by Nature (chicken, turkey or combo), Evanger\'s Organics (braised chicken or turkey/squash), Evo (duck or venison) and Natural Balance chicken & liver. I don\'t eat fish, because my vet doesn\'t recommend it due to risk of allergies later on. Bon Appetit!
  • Natalie ChristianNatalie Christian Member Posts: 2
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    Cloud Bear can't get enough food, especially at this time of year. He always has a bowl of dry food available usually Royal Canin, along with his water. Yum yum! He also has about 4 of the wet food pouches a day. Vet said he was 'quite a slim chap' so we're not worried by his size, he's a big build but certainly not fat.
  • Carlotta F-Carlotta F- MilanoMember Posts: 2
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    I have a first breakfast with both crunchy food and soft food, then i have a bowl of crunchys out for me all day. We get vitamins twice a week, and an egg in the period of time we change hair :-) I am not overweight, and i am not thin :-)
  • lisa peaselisa pease Member Posts: 13
    edited 25 February, 2009
    hi there i find if you weigh your cat and go by the guidelines on the packet of food you are currently using you cant go wrong, they all have guidelines and depending on your size, breed or active ness feed the top end of guidelines or bottom amount. mine get the correct amount of dry food left out to nibble and 2 servings of meat through out the day. if they eat their alloted amount of food they dont get anymore as they will get fat. if your cat looses weight increase the food slightly same if it puts on weight decrease it and you will find a happy medium. hope this helps xx
  • Rafaela GigliRafaela Gigli Member Posts: 3
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    Hi! My Margot usually eats between 100-130 g of crunchy food (Royal Canin) per day and she is in great shape. In very active days she feels hungrier and ends eating a bit more, what is normal. Once per week I give soft food(that she loves) instead of the crunchy one. But it really depends on the cat activiness and personality. Some cats keep eating even tough they are already fed and this needs control. I guess that talking to a vet can help you to discover the right amount of food to offer to your meow friend.
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